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Main UI:  shown are PhotoBench and blended panorama. See PanoTutorial 1 for detailed steps, from stitching to virtual tour authoring.


Leveler feature:  to level panorama preview.  See PanoTutorial 2 for its magic.


Marker window of an image pair:  to inspect and correct marker locations.  Circles indicate alignment error. See PanoTutorial 3.


Overlay window:  a unique intuitive way to stitch image pair, especially useful for fluid features like ocean waves - see PanoTutorial 4.


Free virtual tour authoring window:  From stitching to virtual tour, PanoStitcher does it all.  View the example Louvre tours.


TourMaster™, PanoStitcher™, OmniStitcher™, FisheyeStitcher™, PixtraTour™, PanoScreen™, PanoAlbum™ and PhotoBench™ are trademarks of Pixtra Corp.  Copyright 2012 Pixtra Corp