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OmniStitcher - Design

OmniStitcher™ is a stitcher capable of constructing omnirama images (e.g., 360°x 360° panorama images that cover not only the horizon but also the sky and the ground). It stitches photos of multi-rows or of arbitrary overlaps. It is the first stitcher that can make full spherical panoramas from regular or fisheye images.



Stitch Window is the "work area" for stitching omniramas. It is composed of three fields:  PhotoBench Field (bottom) for sorting the loaded images, World-map Field (top-left) for displaying omnirama preview, and Match Field (top-right) for adjusting overlays before stitch refinement.

The Stitch Toolbar (left), the core of the stitching actions, contains the three-button Express Stitch functions and the stitch "Settings...". For most image sets that are arranged in rows, the three-button Express Stitch will be all you need to create beautiful omniramas. For more difficult image sets, or to have greater control over the finished panorama, you'll want to use the Manual Stitch.

PixtraViewer will show images in either "Perspective" (straightened) view or "World-map" (curved) view.

OmniStitcher's 70 additional features (on floating menus) may be accessed by right-clicking your mouse on PhotoBench thumbnail images, PhotoBench image-pair link bars, or any image window and/or its fields.

Leveler feature:  to level panorama preview.  

Marker window of an image pair:  to inspect and correct marker locations.  Circles indicate alignment error. 

Overlay window:  a unique intuitive way to stitch image pair, especially useful for fluid features like ocean waves

Free virtual tour authoring window:  From stitching to virtual tour, PanoStitcher does it all.  View the example Louvre tours.


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